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Monthly Single #5 – D.O.T.S

Here it is. Single number 5 of 12.

“Does the art suffer when my heart doesn’t suffer any more?”



This was the first song we started writing after we finished the NAUSEA EP. It’s been through more revisions than any other song we’ve ever written. Finally we felt the time was right to finish it and release it unto the world. It’s also the longest track we’ve ever done at nearly 5 minutes.

Guitarist Jack Pope says: “Instrumentally it’s a track where we have all pushed ourselves to find the limit between mathematical complexity and melodic simplicity – working with a small amount of tonal flavours and trying to present them in different forms using dynamic changes and unusual time signatures.

Lyrically, it was written all within the month of July.

“The inspiration for the lyrics in July’s single, ironically, come from a lack of inspiration (as is probably evident in the lyrics themselves). “D.O.T.S” is an ode to those who have helped me these past few months, and the steps I’ve taken to better myself in the process.”

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Guitars were recorded by Chronographs at our studio in Bristol. Vocals and Bass guitars were recorded at Jon & Benson’s home in Worcester. Drums were engineered by George Lever at G1 Productions at The Ladder Factory studio complex in Wiltshire. The song was mixed and mastered by George Lever, who once again managed to quickly turnaround a great sounding track in our tight schedule.

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